You Won’t Believe How This New Startup Is Changing The Networking Game

You Won’t Believe How This New Startup Is Changing The Networking Game

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Getting your foot in the door is tough. In today’s world, in certain fields, it can be impossible. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review has discovered that having friends and making connections is absolutely essential as a success predictor, and in fact it’s so strong that it can even outweigh skill and suitability for the job.

Unfortunately, that means that if you’re not already well-connected you’re going to have a hard time networking. It’s a cruel catch-22, and it’s the fate that many entrepreneurs face- they may have the talent, drive, and innovative ideas to make it in the marketplace, but they’re being passed over because managers and investors are hiring and investing in people they know. It can take years to make connections in the field of your dreams, and you may spend your entire life trying to break into a field without any success at all.

The craziest part? Investors, employers, and career professionals are constantly hunting for fresh, new talent, ideas, and proposals. The problem is that there’s no reliable way to consistently and successfully connect investors and professionals with young professionals and talent they want to mentor. They can’t simply take every phone call, social media message, or email that comes their way. Too many proposals and meeting requests simply aren’t serious, and their time is valuable- unless they can find a way to automatically vet any proposal or meeting request that comes through to them, they can’t waste their precious minutes on everyone that comes their way.

The result? That magic connection of young, raw talent and experienced, polished career professionalism is going untapped simply because there’s no great way to connect the two, and as a result, potentially world-changing ideas are being left in the dust. It’s inefficient, but at the moment there’s no better way.

One startup, however, is looking to change all of that. is a site that’s looking to facilitate networking by taking out the hard part- the hard part that up to now has been frustratingly elusive. Need to find someone in your field? Just search the site- anyone who’s listed will pop up, and you can schedule an interview with any of them.  What makes different from other sites, however, is that you have to pay for the meeting. That ensures that the person you’re connecting with is motivated and engaged with you, and that they won’t skip out or reschedule. After all, you’ve paid for their time!

This takes away the risk, uncertainty, and stress of getting your foot in the door in the field you want. It’s no longer about who you know- because now you know everyone. Your own talents, skills, and ideas will be judged based on their merits. Whether you sink or swim is up to you, but now you’re guaranteed not to get lost in the noise!

And because prospective new leads are paying for their interviews, investors and career professionals can be certain that the leads are smart, organized, and serious. Best of all, they’re paying you at the rate you want, so you’re not wasting any time. You can keep that money or have it donated to the charity of your choice, but either way you know you’re getting a serious lead that is willing to pay the price to get their foot in the door.

It’s an interesting idea that has the potential to really help people break into the fields they want. The site is currently in a closed, invitation only beta, but you can apply here to gain entrance before it goes live. (Click here if you want to connect with career professionals, or click here if you want to sign up as a career professional). It’s an interesting idea that seems like it might have legs, and we’ll definitely keep tabs on the site and hopefully watch it change the nature of networking in the 21st century!