Is This Dress-Shaped Cake Blue-And-Black Or Gold-And-White?

Is This Dress-Shaped Cake Blue-And-Black Or Gold-And-White?

Source: Cake International
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The dress controversy heard round the world seemed like it died down… but one woman in Glastonbury, England has decided to bring it back with a vengeance.

Wakey Cakey‘s Jules Moule recreated the famous dress, the dress that tore friendships apart and split the Internet in a veritable battleground of blues vs whites, with no one able to agree with what color it was and no one willing to give up their side of the battle.

It was her entry into Cake International, a baking competition held in London where England’s finest bakers can come to match wits and baking skills to take home the gold with their creative confections, and she knew that she had to pull out all the stops if she wanted to make an impression on the London judges, judges who were used to seeing some of the best cakes from the best talent that England has to offer on a regular basis.

In fact, Ms. Moule admitted that it was her family that inspired her to bake the cake, saying that it caused a massive fight in her family.

“We saw the dress on the internet and it caused a massive fight in our family,” she said.

“My husband and I almost divorced because we couldn’t agree and our children and parents couldn’t agree, so I just thought ‘I am making that dress in a cake’.

She had high hopes for the dress-shaped cake at first, as many of the people roaming the convention hall were drawn to it, talking about it and instantly recognizing it as the dress that flooded the internet just a few short months ago.

Unfortunately, the judges were less impressed with the dress cake than Ms. Moule’s fellows, and they only awarded her the bronze for it- though she was extremely pleased to win the bronze, noting that the competition is quite a tough one and that she is quite content to have won any medals at all.

See more pictures of the cake here!