I’ll Admit I Cried A Little Watching This. It’s So Awesome!

I’ll Admit I Cried A Little Watching This. It’s So Awesome!

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Meet Caine.

His father runs an auto store in LA, and he spends the summers with his dad. His dad encouraged him to make an arcade out of cardboard, and he did it- and his imagination is nothing short of amazing! He built an entire arcade out of cardboard, and once it was complete and he patiently waited to have a customer.

He had a rough start at first. He made an awesome shirt for his arcade, but the kids at school picked on him for having an arcade. And on top of that all, unfortunately, most of his dad’s business is online or mail order, and there wasn’t a whole lot of foot traffic to bring customers to Caine’s Arcade.

Still, that didn’t daunt him. He stayed morning until close, hoping and waiting for a customer to pass by and play in Caine’s Arcade, never getting discouraged. He went with his father and opened with him and closed with him, maintaining a steadfast resolve and always hoping that someone would come in and play some of the games that he came up with.

And you know what? Finally somebody did.

They were incredibly impressed at Caine’s dedication- and they became Caine’s first customer, buying a fun pass and trying out some of the really inventive games that Caine had devised from nothing more than cardboard. What that customer did next for Caine is  really nothing short of amazing!

This video is inspiring. Caine’s determination, hard work, and vision ultimately pays off in spite of everyone at school making fun of him, and in spite of his lack of success at first. If there’s a better allegory for how hard work and determination in the face of failure pays off, well… send it over, because I definitely don’t know it!