18 Photos Taken With Absolutely Perfect Timing

18 Photos Taken With Absolutely Perfect Timing

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1) A plane passing through a basketball hoop

2) a baby looking like an old man just as he falls

3) A geyser right before it explodes

4) A squirrel right as he catches a peanut

5) This rather painful teaching moment

6) This incredible hockey shot

7) These soldiers being thrown into the air by an accidental explosion

8) This volcanic lightning

9) A chameleon right as he gets his dinner


10) This unfortunately timed crawl


11) This controlled explosion


12) The moment this kingfisher hits the water


13) This guy’s unfortunate grip loss

14) A shark losing its tooth as it catches its prey

15) The headless gymnast haunts the stadium still…

16) This imminent snowball hit


17) This catfu master

18) This rather unique arrow


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