12 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do

12 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do

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The first step to becoming mentally tough is to know that it’s all in your mind: your thoughts, behaviors, and attitude are all vital factors in whether you experience success or are steamrolled by your failures. Check out these things that mentally tough people don’t do so that you can become mentally tough and ready for success after success!

1) They Don’t Dwell On Their Failures

Mentally tough people know that failure happens- you need to learn from it and move on. They do’t sit around feeling sorry for themselves and whining about how everyone else sabotaged them or how others have treated them. Instead they buck up and understand that the things worth doing in life aren’t easy, and that the path to success isn’t always a short one.

2) They Act On- They’re Not Acted Upon

Mentally tough people never, ever let others take their power away from them. Nobody “makes” them feel bad, or “makes” them lose, or “forced” them to do anything. They understand that the buck stops at them, and that they are always in control over how they respond and react to situations around them.

3) They Embrace And Confront Change

Mentally tough people aren’t afraid of change. They know that stagnation leads to nothing but failure and depression- moving forward requires change. They embrace change, opening themselves up to being flexible and honing their abilities to adapt and thrive to whatever change might come their way.

4) They Don’t Sweat The Things Out Of Their Control

A mentally tough person will never, ever blame things that are going wrong on something like a traffic jam or catching every red light. They know that if they can’t control it, they shouldn’t worry about it- and that the one thing they can always control is their attitude towards what happens to them throughout the day.

5) They Know They Can’t Please Everyone

Mentally tough know that you can’t please everyone all of the time- not even some of the time! They know when it’s time to say no. They always try to be as just and fair as possible, but they know sometimes that the right thing to do will involve saying no and making some people unhappy.

6) They Aren’t Afraid To Take Risks

Mentally tough people don’t avoid risk- they welcome and challenge it. That doesn’t mean they’re reckless or impulsive- but they know that calculated risks are an essential part of success, and they are comfortable making risks that they’ve weighed and decided on for the chance at it paying off.

7) They Always Look Forwards, Not Backwards

Mentally tough people know the past is important as a valuable source of experience and teachable moments. But they also know that you can’t live in it- it’s important to not dwell on past failures or successes. They know that continued success relies on them looking forward and using their learned experience to make better plans for future success!

8) They’re Always Learning And Growing

Mentally tough people never stand still. They’re always learning and growing no matter what: whether it’s learning new techniques for mental success, taking courses to grow their knowledge, or finding the best tools for their efficiency, mentally tough people are never content with the knowledge they have- they are always looking to learn more.

9) They Aren’t Jealous

Mentally tough people don’t resent other people’s success. They never feel jealous towards another person- instead they realize that person unlocked a key to success, and they’ll take the opportunity to see how that person became successful and how they can incorporate that other person’s success into their own plans.

10) They Don’t Quit Easily

Mentally tough people don’t quit at the first sign of hardship- nor do they quit at the first failure. They know that success can’t happen without a few failures- they will always use failure as an opportunity to grow and improve, and they will keep trying until they finally succeed!

11) They Don’t Feel Entitled

Mentally tough people were never handed the world on a silver spoon- and they never expect to be handed one. They approach the world knowing that no one owes them anything, and they will always look to succeed and grow based on their own merits and hard work.

12) They Don’t Expect Overnight Success

Mentally tough people know that success doesn’t happen overnight, and some of the greatest accomplishments only happened after months or even years of failures. Mentally tough people never, ever expect overnight success- instead they keep working hard, learning from their failures, and climbing the stairs to success one step at a time until they’ve reached the top!

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