12 Reasons Why Adult Video Gamers Are Happier

12 Reasons Why Adult Video Gamers Are Happier

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1) Gaming triggers their creative side

A study at MSU has shown that gamers tend to be more creative. Interestingly, this didn’t seem to tie to any particular sort of game or genre- whether it was first person shooters or Minecraft, the students involved in the study seemed to show the same uptick in creativity despite the differences in games they played.

2) Gaming helps them relieve stress

Gaming is a proven stress reliever, and many gamers report far lower stress levels than their non-gaming counterparts.  Video games are a “mental refocusing” technique that breaks common stressors that would normally lock up in a patterned loop.

Playing video games breaks that loop, getting into a different “zone”, so to speak, and helps to focus the brain on something relaxing and rewarding.

3) They have better night vision and reflexes


Gamers who play regularly have better night vision and reflexes than their non-gaming cohorts. According to a University of Rochester study, gamers have better reflexes in just about everything, from driving to keeping track of a friend in a crowd. That same team also discovered that gamers have better night vision (and possibly better vision overall).

4) Gaming releases dopamine, the brain’s pleasure circuit, making them happier

A study from Stanford University has discovered that gaming releases dopamine due to the reward system involved in gaming. That means that gaming can have a pleasurable relaxation effect overall, flooding a gamer’s system with dopamine and keeping them content!

5) They are better learners


A new study from Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands shows that gamers tend to be better learners than their non-gaming equivalents, leading them to have less frustration and stress when it comes to learning new or difficult skills (not to mention all the great games designed specifically for that purpose).

6) They are better lateral thinkers

As any gamer can attest to, video games can be difficult things to work through: not every puzzle or method of tackling a level is immediately obvious. That’s why gamers tend to be better at finding creative, out-of-the-box solutions- they’re tasked with it daily in the games they’re playing, so they transfer that skill for use in their real life.

7) They’re never bored


No gamer’s ever bored- not with the plethora of mobile gaming options available today. Whether it’s a Nintendo DS or just a game on their cell phone, gamers are always ready and willing to whittle away the time that others would spend just staring at the clock.

8) They have better memories

A new study from the University of Toronto has discovered that gamers have better memories.  They are better both at recall and visual memory because gamers are trained to know at the drop of a hat whether an object on the screen is friend or foe, threat or non-threat.

9) They can be social no matter where they are


Nowadays many people are moving all over the world, and people don’t keep touch- except for gamers! Many games are multiplayer now, and gamers are increasingly still well-connected to their friends in a way that non-gamers aren’t, since gamers play regularly with their friends online no matter where they are in the world.

10) They don’t take life too seriously

Gamers are in touch with their inner child, making them less prone to the depression and boredom that afflicts many American adults. Imagination, creativity, and wonder are just a few of the things that gamers have that their adult counterparts often struggle to find- and they get it through gaming!

11) They have something to talk about no matter where they are

Gamers are in good company: according to recent surveys, almost half of the adult population of the US plays games at least occasionally. That means that gamers are always going to have a topic of conversation when they’re out. Whether it’s a hardcore space simulator or a simple, addictive mobile game, gamers are sociable and ready to talk about any game they can!

12) They are open-minded

Every time a new game comes out, everyone’s a newbie at it- and most gamers know that and know how it feels. Many gamers are open and willing to help new players learn the ropes, and they bring that same sense of patience and compassion to the real world as well!

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