The Highest (And Lowest) Points Of The 2015 Oscars

The Highest (And Lowest) Points Of The 2015 Oscars

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The Oscars are always an interesting time, and last night was no exception- the night was full of moments that were awe-inspiring, funny, and tearjerking… and some that simply made you scratch your head or groan. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst points of the Oscars!

High Point: Oscars Opening Musical Number

There’s not a whole lot to say about the opening musical number. It was pretty much amazing, and exactly what we’ve come to expect from an Oscars host of NPH’s caliber (we love you, NPH!) It was clever, funny, star-studded, and even had some biting satire that trended into the #OscarsSoWhite and #CumberbatchGonnaLose hashtags, giving its pop culture impact some weight as well. Definitely a high point of the show!

Low Point: Snubbing Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch

Really? Joan Rivers and Elaine Stritch, two of the most iconic red carpet stars, were “unworthy” of the In Memoriam panel? Elaine Stritch, who acted alongside greats like Woody Allen, Rock Hudson, and Jane Fonda? It’s one thing to forget them, but to blithely dismiss them? That’s quite a new low, even for the Academy.

High Point: Everything Is Awesome

Everything is indeed awesome when performed by Tegan and Sara and the Lonely Island. This performance from the equally awesome “The Lego Movie” pulled out all the stops, including handing out Lego Oscars to clearly deserving recipients (Oprah in particular seemed super pumped about hers!). Definitely a rollicking, energetic high in the rollercoaster that is the Oscars.

Low Point: John Travolta and Idina Menzel

We get that John Travolta wants to apolofize for the whole “Adele Dazeem” thing, but in retrospect it would have been way, way less awkward to just have left it in the past and forgotten about it. Instead we got a really weird callback that just left everyone feeling more uncomfortable that John Travolta kind of groped Idina Menzel.

High Point: Julianne Moore’s Acceptance Speech

Julianne Moore deserved the Best Actress award- of that, there is no question. “Still Alice” was a tour de force, as was Moore’s performance in it. Her acceptance speech, however, was even more elegant and graceful in its victory- proving that Moore is not only a great actress, but a class act as well.

Low Point: The Lockbox Gag

Okay, we’re not alone in this. The lockbox gag has earned the ire and mockery of the entire Internet as well. It was a forced and ham-handed attempt that wasn’t funny to begin with and never went anywhere, instead culminating in an anemic series of jokes that just served to delay the Best Picture announcement. NPH, we love you, but give up on the lockbox for next year’s Oscars. Please.

High Point: Glory And Sound Of Music

These three really, really rocked the house. John Legend and Common brought out a full choir and just absolutely rocked the house with it. Lady Gaga’s performance was fantastic as well, a fantastic tribute to a movie that still stands the test of time even fifty years later. (Plus she got a hug from Julie Andrews!)

Low Point: The length of the telecast

We get that the Oscars are a night that happens only once a year, but this time it was almost four hours! If it were a better Oscars night we’d allow it, but considering this one consisted of a lackluster hosting night, it felt like it was extended for almost no reason at all. Next time, let’s try to keep the Oscars a little shorter- or, if you have to run it that long, omit some of the worse jokes in there.

And there you have it! Those were our picks of the highest and lowest moments the Oscars had to offer. What do you guys think? Make sure to leave your ideas in the comments!