7 Reasons Lefties Will Rule The World

7 Reasons Lefties Will Rule The World

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We lefties have had it rough for many generations: we’ve been scorned, feared, and hated, associated with everything from the devil to clumsiness. We’ve had to deal with right-handed desks, and pens, and notebooks, and… well, just about everything under the sun. Quite frankly, it stinks living as lefties in a right-handed world.

But that’s okay. We know the real reason that we’re feared and jeered: because we’re secretly awesome. Check out these reasons that lefties are going to rule the world (though we already do- many world leaders, past and present, are left-handed!)

1) Lefties are better fighters and athletes

It’s true: lefties tend to be better at sports due to our faster reaction times and the fact that we have more practice playing against the more numerous righties. We’re used to playing against them while they’re not used to playing against us, giving us the advantage in sports like baseball, fencing, and boxing, among others (We also learn to drive easier).

2) We think better on our feet

Due to constantly having to work in a world designed for righties, It’s forced us to avoid a herd mentality and, as a result, increase our ability to think critically and laterally as well. Put simply: when faced with a crisis, a lefty will be able to approach it from more creative angles than a righty could.

3) We earn more

It’s true: Lefties earn more than righties. Depending on the job, sometimes more than 10-15% more, even though we have to contend with tools and equipment designed to be used in a right-handed world. Interestingly, the divergence gets higher the further up you go on the education ladder, suggesting that the difference is starker in areas where better lateral thinking or higher IQs matter the most.

4) We’re more creative

Lefties are more creative on average than right-handers, which must explain our outsized representation on stages both musical and theatrical: Paul McCartney, Jennifer Lawrence, and Angelina Jolie are just a few of the star-studded lefties that have graced the stage or the concert venue! (unfortunately, this emphasis on creativity also makes us a little more forgetful. Still, that’s a small price to pay!)

5) We make better leaders

As mentioned previously, many world leaders are or have been left-handed (including 3 out of 4 of the most recent US presidents). The scientific reasons for this are as of yet unclear, but many believe that it’s a combination of some of the other lefty characteristics like better lateral thinking, more environmental stress to perform, and higher adaptability due to having to innovate solutions to problems we encounter in a right-handed world.

6) We’re more likely to be geniuses

MENSA, that club of famously smart people, counts lefties as over 20% of its membership, and the Nobel prize list of winners is disproportionately dominated by left-handed people. Additionally, Dr. Alan Searleman of St. Lawrence University has discovered that a larger percentage of left-handed people have IQs higher than 140, which is considered intellectually gifted. Okay… he didn’t say genius, but… genius, you guys. That’s what intellectually gifted means.

7) We’re better at multitasking

Many people think they’re good at multitasking (when in fact they’re actually terrible at it) but lefties actually do tend to be better at multitasking than their right-handed brothers and sisters. This is thought to be because of our need for near-constant adaptability in a right-handed world, forcing us to continually switch processes midstream and thus making us more practiced at it.

(this doesn’t mean we’re automatically good at it, mind you- just that we’re better at it. So be careful that doesn’t impact your productivity!)

So take heart, lefties! We may be living in a right-handed world, but that just means we’ve gotten better at adapting ourselves to the trials and tribulations placed before us due to our naturally enhanced reactions and intelligence.

And righties… well, don’t get too upset at us when we forget things from time to time. After all… we are busy ruling the world!