7 Cool Productivity Gadgets You Need To Have

7 Cool Productivity Gadgets You Need To Have

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Everyone loves productivity gadgets. They’re cool, sleek, and (ostensibly) help you grind down your to-do list at work. But there’s a great deal of them out there, and not all of them are as efficient as you might be led to believe.

So what’s worth it and what’s not? We’ve done the due diligence and we’ve come up with our favorites: here are the productivity gadgets you need to stock up with to get you going!

1) Anker Astro E3 External Battery

iPhones, iPads, and Android devices are notorious for having batteries that quit out on you the moment that you’re in need of them most, and sometimes there’s not a plug in sight. Enter the Anker Astro E3 external battery: this bad boy is a portable charger with 10000 mAh of extra juice, so you can charge a typical tablet twice or a typical phone four times over. It’s not even that hefty as far as productivity gadgets go, clocking in at a nice, light 8 ounces. If you’re a heavy phone or tablet user, this bad boy is a must-have!

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2) D-Link DIR-510L Portable Wi-Fi Router and Charger

At first it may seem the D-Link DIR-510L is just like any other WiFi portable router- but it’s not. It’s got an Ethernet port and a USB port, which means that it can become a mobile WiFi hotspot no matter where you are if there’s an Ethernet port. That means if you’re traveling in a different country where your mobile hotspot doesn’t work, you can bring along this bad boy and have Internet for your team in seconds. It can also work as a portable charger in a pinch using its beefy 4000 mAh internal battery, though we recommend the Anker above if you need that as a primary feature. All in all, a solid entrant that performs double duty and definitely recommended in your productivity gadgets shopping list!

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3) Doxie Go Plus

Scanning documents can be laborious, and not everybody can have a scanner on hand all the time to scan things. Doxie agrees with you, so they invented the Doxie Go Plus to add to your growing collection of productivity gadgets. It’s a portable hand-held scanner that can scan documents up to 600 DPI resolution at pretty quick speeds. In fact, it’s so much faster than our desktop scanner that we’ve pretty much abandoned the desktop scanner, let alone how useful this is when we’re traveling. Definitely worth it!

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4) Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

You nearly always have your smartphone with you, but typing on it can be quite a pain- the little screen doesn’t necessarily lend itself to typing quickly or without errors. A portable tablet keyboard is a must-hav e among your productivity gadgets, but which one to choose? There are tons!

Enter the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard- it’s small enough to fit into your bag or travel case, and its 6-month rechargeable battery means you can type for ages without having to plug it in. It’s also device agnostic and will work across most tablets and smartphones, meaning you’ll be able to use the same keyboard across all your mobile devices!

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5) AOC USB Monitor

You’ve probably gotten used to the dual-monitor setup at work (at least I can’t live without it). That makes it even more of an exercise in frustration when you go somewhere with your laptop and have to live with the one screen until you get back to your beautiful desk.

So grab this USB monitor instead! With a slim profile and a large display, it’s quite slick looking as far as productivity gadgets go, and it’ll be helpful to you when you’re looking to get more screen real estate when you’re away from your desk. Best of all, it sports a crisp display resolution, is extremely slim, and is powered just by the USB cable, so there’s no need to lug around a power cord. Perfect for productivity on the go!

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6) Satechi Portable USB 3.0 Hub

The Satechi Portable 3.0 USB Hub would be great if it was only a USB hub, since USB ports are always in short supply. What really makes this one a winner among our productivity gadgets, however, is the fact that it has an Ethernet port attached- which means it can give WiFi-only devices like your ultrabook connectivity in a place that doesn’t have any WiFi availability. Definitely a life saver!

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7) The Quirky Contort USB Hub

Give this one a shot before you knock it- you might think it doesn’t belong in this list of productivity gadgets. it’s a portable USB hub, yes. But it’s also a life saver- it flexes and bends so that your valuable USB devices don’t get knocked off their brittle USB perches, making you lose all your valuable data. The Contort USB hub is a nifty little device that protects your devices from accidents. Don’t wait until an accident happens to you to pick one up- grab a quirky and save your USB keys from certain death!

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