The Bucket List For Couples: 5 Things To Do After You’ve Said...

The Bucket List For Couples: 5 Things To Do After You’ve Said I Do

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A bucket list for couples. Why would you need that?

I’ll tell you why.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And for some of you, it was a single, take-no-prisoner lovefest that affirmed your right to be yourself, someone who doesn’t need to worry about conforming that it’s terrible to be single on Valentine’s Day (and for those of you, you might want to read my singles bucket list instead of this article).

But the bucket list for couples isn’t for those people. The bucket list for couples is for everyone who did it right: who got dressed up, got flowers, went out to a fancy restaurant that takes months to reserve…

and felt really, really bored by it.

There’s no shame in that. Trust me- it gets old and boring. As it turns out, doing what everybody does all the time is a recipe for boredom, and you’ll just get frustrated and annoyed that you guys are doing something that you feel obligated to do instead of something you want to do, something that makes you guys feel even closer than you were before.

But take heart- there are things you can do that are immensely fun and rewarding, more so than just sitting down and having dinner… and you may just broaden and grow your relationship in the process!

1) Have A Real Movie Marathon

You’re probably sitting there and saying “But Lyn, we’ve totally done movie marathons, this is like a monthly thing for us.”

And to that I say “dear reader, would I make a bucket list for couples based on something I do literally all the time?”

Oh no. I’m not talking about the couch and some Netflix (though I do love you, Netflix). I’m talking full-on, day-long, from-open-til-close moviefest at your local multiplex. That gets expensive, though. What’s a couple to do?

Well, I would never advocate anything remotely outrageous or illegal here, of course. Which is why you should totally not sneak in obscene amounts of junk food, buy a ticket once in the morning, and then totally just stay in the theater the rest of the day wandering from screen to screen since nobody checks those things.

Yup. Definitely shouldn’t do that. The movie marathon, however, is a rewarding and fun experience- it’s a little daring, a lot of fun, and perfect for the initial item on the bucket list for couples!

2) Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been

It’s easy to go somewhere that you’ve both been. It can also be boring- one person knows where all the good stuff to see is and wants to go off the beaten track, and the other is seeing everything through fresh, new eyes that their jaded partner simply can’t recreate, making that a rather lackluster thing to add to a bucket list for couples.

So don’t recreate it- create it! Plan a trip to somewhere neither one of you has ever been. It doesn’t have to be the jungles of Cambodia or something. It can be a local attraction just a few hours away, or the cheapest flight the two of you can scrounge up. The important thing is that neither one of you have been there.

This might be easier or harder to do, depending on how well-traveled you are, so it may or may not count as a big achievement on your own personal bucket list for couples. But rest assured that once you do, you’ll be amazed at the magic this brings to your relationship!

3) Pretend To Be Someone Else

You might be asking what this means. I’ll tell you what it means. Next time you guys go out as a couple, you’re not you. Oh no. That’s boring. You’re Casimir and Eletta Roadings, exchange students from Liverpool.

Sound crazy? It is. It’s also fun as all hell.

Pretending to be someone else is one of those tricky things on the bucket list for couples because it’s so deceptively hard to pull off. You need to have a back story for your characters. What if you meet someone from the town you’re from? What if your accent isn’t convincing enough?

You’ll trip up and fail and people will think you’re strange. And you will be. But you’ll also be introduced to something weirdly exhilarating- the joy of impromptu spontaneity with your partner combined with the brief rush of no-risk adrenaline. It’s one of the crazier things on this list, but also one of my favorites!

4) Live Somewhere Else Together

Most couples eventually move in together. Again, like the movie marathon, I wouldn’t put something lame on a bucket list for couples that virtually everybody does. No, when I mean live somewhere else together, I mean an actual other place- a place where you have no contacts, no roots, no baggage. A place truly new and unique to the two of you.

I did this with my boyfriend in Europe and I had no regrets. We learned more about each other- and learned to love more about each other- more from the moment we moved to a new place than we ever did before, and you will too!

5) Start New Traditions Together

Everybody remembers doing weird things with their parents on holidays because it was “tradition”. Don’t like it? Good!

Start your own.

Of all the things to do on this bucket list for couples, this one is by far the easiest. But it’s also one of the most meaningful- traditions passed down from your families are great, but they’re not truly yours. A tradition the two of you start is something that comes from you and is wholly you, and something you can pass down as well.

It can be something as simple as wearing matching sweaters on every winter holiday or something as intricate as making and burning a straw effigy of the previous year’s bad memories (something my grandmother does. Can’t claim that one!) But whatever it is, if it comes from you, it will make your relationship bond that much deeper and stronger!