How To Be Happy: 8 Tips When It Feels Impossible

How To Be Happy: 8 Tips When It Feels Impossible

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Sometimes it’s easy to be happy. Everything’s going right: you just got promoted, you finally worked up the courage to ask out that cute barista and they said yes. The sun never seems to set on your success, and there’s no question in your mind of how to be happy: you just are.

Sometimes, though, it’s a little harder to know how to be happy. Life can throw us curveballs, and it seems that bad things come in groups: huge, terrible groups that can often blot out the happiness that we once thought was so easy to achieve.

When the going gets tough, the tough stay positive, though- a strong focus on positive thinking can help you to be happy even when it seems like there’s nothing to be happy about!

1) Every day is a new day

No matter how bad your day is, tomorrow is always a new day, a new day that will allow you to start over and make it better. Remember, every time you wake up the choice is yours to decide how best to seize the day!

2) Let go of your stress

Letting go can be a very difficult process, especially when the problem threatens to overwhelm you. But if you want to learn how to be happy, letting go is one of the most important parts: letting go of your stress helps you to live in the present and not allow the future to consume you in negativity.

3) Other people are in your boat

Maybe you lost your job, or didn’t get a client bid, or broke up with who you thought was the one. It might seem like your world is ending, but it’s not- just remember that thousands of people all over the world are experiencing or have experienced the same thing, and they’re working through it too, the same as you.

You’re not the only one trying to figure out how to be happy. You’re in this together, and you’ll pull through!

4) It’s not as bad as you think it is

It’s a human tendency to make bad things bigger than they are (no really, we’re hardwired to do it). Just remember nothing is ever as bad as it looks, and no matter what you have to stay positive and see through your problem all the way to the finish line.

5) Happiness is a state of mind, not a material goal

It’s a common problem to think that something will “make” us happy. Buying that new car, getting that new smartphone, or partying until the break of dawn. And then we’re surprised when we’re still not happy.

The simple reason? That’s not how to be happy. Material things will never bring you happiness- you can only achieve your happiness from inside yourself and appreciating you for you!

6) Failures are just stepping stones to success

Failure can sometimes seem overwhelming- especially when it looks like everyone else is on a success streak. But remember failure isn’t an end: it’s just a step to success. Even the most successful famous people failed- sometimes often. Failing just makes you wiser, more experienced, and if you never give up you’ll eventually make it!

7) You’re not alone

Never forget that you’re not alone. Sometimes it might seem like you are, like nobody is in your corner of the ring, but they are- there are helpful, inspirational people all around you who are ready to help and support you in your quest to learn how to be happy- that is, if you let them. You just have to search them out!

8) Time heals all things

This one might be the most important step in learning how to be happy- but it’s also often the hardest one to remember. Sometimes the hurt can feel like it’s almost too much to bear, but know that no matter how bad it is it the pain will fade with time.

You may never ever forget it- whatever it is- but you will learn to live with it at first, and then you will stop feeling the pain. Just remember that it takes time.