6 Parenting Hacks To Make Your Day That Much Better

6 Parenting Hacks To Make Your Day That Much Better

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Parenting hacks. Just the title of this article may give you pause.

“Do I really need parenting hacks? Are my kids that bad?”

Probably not. But kids can be tough in general. I mean really, really tough.

Sure, you love your kids. But one’s pulling the other one’s hair while the other one has just discovered that she in fact has vocal chords and wow do they make wonderful, strange, varied noises!

It’s enough to make anybody tear their hair out.

These parenting hacks won’t fix the day-to-day chaos that is the life of a parent (and even more so when you have more kids). Hopefully, however, they will make your day that much easier and enable you to be that much more attentive and fun for your kids- and any help in that regard, as so many parents know, is always a welcome addition to their day.

1) Put (a little) Ketchup On Their Veggies

Kids can be notoriously picky eaters. Most of them also love the heck out of ketchup. So swallow your pride at whatever amazing meal you’ve made them and just plop some ketchup on their cauliflower or whatever it is they’re complaining about. Chances are they’ll eat it!

(This also works with other condiments- and stuff like sprinkles. Whatever they like, so long as it’s not too bad for them. Be creative!)

2) Turn Chores Into A Game

This worked on me as a kid and has worked on many kids since. Turn chores into a game- assign rules and see who wins based on how many dishes they can wash or how much of the floor they can mop! They even sell games now to do that specifically on places like Amazon.

if you have slightly older kids, you can try video game-izing it too: give them “experience points” as they do chores and they can “level up” for more perks, like a bigger allowance or more time with their friends!

3) Pool Noodle Childproofing

Pool noodles are amazing childproofers. They’re inexpensive, easy to cut, and you can stick them damn near anywhere. Get rid of sharp edges and questionable springs by cutting up a pool noodle and slapping it on them!

4) Write Your Number On Them

Going on an outing? Write your number on them with a ballpoint pen. Modern ballpoint pens are water-based and non-toxic, and they’ll easily last a few hours before wearing off on the playground. If you need them to last longer, you can write it, pat it with baby powder and put some hairspray on it- instant water proof temporary tattoo!

If the thought of writing on your child isn’t appealing, a number of companies sell temporary tattoos and tattoo pens that serve the same purpose that are also certified non-toxic and safe for kids!

5) Inflatable Pool Playpen

This one I saw on this amazing post, and it’s one of the best ideas ever: instead of a super expensive playpen that will be obsolete basically instantly, you can get an inflatable pool that serves the same purpose and will also be useful even after they grow older. Definitely a win-win in my book!

6) The Phone Song

Kids hate memorizing (most of them, anyway) but love songs. Take your phone number and make a cool little song out of it from one they already like- they’ll want to sing it and you can let them know that they can bust it out if they ever get lost (don’t make it too catchy, however, or you may find yourself hearing it around the house more than you really want!)

These are just a few little tips that can make you breathe a little easier- whether they’re for safety or for plain old help around the house, these parenting hacks will make your life just that little bit better: something that can be hard to remember when you’ve got the little ones running around the house!