This Father Bugs His Daughter With The Wrong Frozen Lyrics, And It’s...

This Father Bugs His Daughter With The Wrong Frozen Lyrics, And It’s Hilarious

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With Disney’s Frozen being all the rage now among children and adults alike, it’s no surprise that some of them have developed an almost fanatical devotion to the heartwarming characters in the icy fairy tale. As any Disney parent knows, however, Disney musicals tend to inspire… well, excessive repeats would be kind.

One father came up with an amusing and creative way to keep himself entertained while singing the Frozen songs, but his daughter, a Disney purist, was none too pleased with her father’s creative imaginings…

Disney’s Frozen seems to show no signs of slowing down, either: the company is releasing a new short set in the universe made famous by the 2013 smash hit that has captivated children around the world and shows no signs of letting go. The short, entitled “Frozen Fever”, is set to hit the silver screen in the spring.

Will this launch a new wave of fathers annoying their children with mis-used lyrics? Maybe, maybe not… but we can only hope this young Disneyphile will find more humor in this video later on than she seems to find in it at the moment!