7 Attributes Successful People Share – Do You?

7 Attributes Successful People Share – Do You?

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Psychologists and experts have long wondered what exactly it is that successful people have in common- what is it that makes them so successful, that makes them shine so bright compared to those around them? It’s something that has intrigued scientists for almost a century now (starting with research in the 30s) and still does to this day.

As it turns out, quite a bit has been discovered about them. From Henry Ford to Kobe Bryant, here are some attributes that successful people share almost across the board!

1) They Know When To Say Yes Or No

This one is a big one. Successful people are often laser focused, and they have learned when to be open to new ideas and when to say no in favor of what they’re working on. Learning when to say no is one of the most essential skills for success- Steve Jobs, for example, was legendary for his ability to turn down what didn’t fit with his vision. Successful people know their boundaries and their vision and adjust their workload accordingly.

2) They Never Stop Learning

Simply put: successful people are hungry to learn. They never stop learning or growing no matter what. Most of them understood and internalized the knowledge that getting ahead requires learning more and more. Whether it’s taking night classes, staying late at the hockey rink, or closing out the library- successful people never, ever stop learning and growing!

3) They Always Challenge Themselves

Successful people are never content with where they are. They are always striving to push themselves and challenge themselves. Boredom is the ultimate sin for most successful people, and as a result they are always looking to find new things to explore and master in their field. There is no such thing as mastery for a successful person- only new things to learn!

4) They Learn From Others

Successful people know that they’re not the only ones who know everything. In their rise to the top, they’re looking out for anything that can help them- including other people. Successful people are quick to learn valuable lessons from other people and aren’t afraid of criticism and feedback- after all, it’s the only way to get better at what they do!

5) They Work Consistently

Many people have a vision of the genius inventor that has spikes of creativity, but that’s not the case. Successful people often put in consistent, stable effort: they not only work hard, they work consistently. Consistency allows them to lock in things they’ve learned as well as any productivity gains, and keeping to a schedule ensures that they’re always doing something to improve themselves instead of being inefficient or unproductive!

6) They Demand The Best From Themselves

Successful people are uncompromising when it comes to managing their own self-expectations. They’re strict but fair: they want to be the best and they want to put in the work and effort required to be so. They never quit when the chips are down, and they are always ready to accept their shortcomings and improve upon them in order to make themselves ultimately better at what they do.

7) They Don’t Waste Time

Successful people are often hyper-efficient. They’ve taken productivity and efficiency to heart, cutting everything out of their workflow that hampers their efficiency. In fact, new studies have shown that successful people are actually four times as productive than their average co-worker because they ruthlessly stick to what makes them more productive and efficient.

Do these sound like you? If not, how are you going to make these happen in your life? Success isn’t a symptom: it’s a state of mind, and these people have it in spades. Don’t be left out!