4 Quick Confidence Boosters (That Are Backed By Science)

4 Quick Confidence Boosters (That Are Backed By Science)

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Why do you need quick confidence boosters? Well, let’s see:

Confidence. Everyone always talks about it. Our world is littered with it, from self-help books to self-help blogs to meditation gurus- everyone says you have to be more confident. And often it can seem like everyone around you is- smiling, confident, shoulders up as they barrel through any obstacle in their way without question or hesitation.

And then… there’s you. You wonder how you’re ever going to to get to their level when your days never go well, when they never seem to coalesce. Where do these people get their confidence? Is there some sort of magic monastery in Tibet granting people the mystical secrets of confidence?

Turns out it’s much simpler than that (unless that monastery exists. If it does, please let us know. Then I’m totally going to the magic monks to get some more confidence). There are some really quick confidence boosters you can do to get some positive reinforcement going and refill that confidence meter that has dipped so dangerously low!

1) Set Achievable Goals

I am, primarily, an article writer. When I started out, I was all fired up and told myself I had no limits and I could hit any goal I set. So I told myself that I would write ten thousand words a day for a month, no exceptions.

I never once hit that goal. And every time I didn’t, I felt a little worse. Every week, I told myself I just had to work harder, even though every day I was only putting out four or five thousand words. In fact, it made me less productive because of the repeated failures- I had lost my will to work. I eventually wised up and set my goal at a level that my past performance indicated was my normal level- and surprise! I now hit that goal (four thousand) almost every day, and I am slowly working my way higher, gradually.

One of the best quick confidence boosters is just to adjust your goals! And you know what? The same goes for you. You know your strengths and your limits, respectively, and you need to make goals to match. Make sane goals that you can hit- you’ll feel better about yourself and that will actually help you to get even more productive.

2) Think Happy Thoughts

No, really. Think happy thoughts. That might sound like some empty nonsense, but it’s actually been honest-to-God scientifically proven that humans are creatures of habit even when we think: if we start on a negative cycle, we stay there, but if we force ourselves to be positive we stay there too. Negative people actually bring failure on themselves- so while we might hate that unflaggingly optimistic guy down in accounting, he’s actually scientifically more likely to succeed.

So be like him: be unflaggingly positive, even when you don’t want to be. Think in positives (I can instead of I can’t) and look for solutions instead of dwelling on problems. This is almost like the mind hack of quick confidence boosters- you’ll actually end up making this your habitual frame of mind and you won’t even have to work at it.

3) Make Yourself Look Good

“Dress for success” might be another lame truism as far as quick confidence boosters go, but it’s true (turns out your parents were right all along). Our self-image actually does affect our thought process– so make sure you think you’re great. Write yourself little congratulatory notes even if you think that’s an incredibly ridiculous idea, and make sure to groom and dress to your own satisfaction- not to anyone else’s. Also work on that posture- stand straight, shoulders up, and pretty soon you’ll be in that corner office (or on the beach, or wherever your dream destination is. Not judging. Seriously.)

4) Don’t Compare

This is an important one among the quick confidence boosters- it almost seems impossible, but don’t compare yourself to others. That’s the easiest, most powerful way for your mind to convince you that you’re a loser. Everyone else seems to be happy, successful, and confident- everybody but you, that is. And the effect is compounded by the Internet and Facebook- new studies show that people only show us their good sides, leading us all to become more depressed and unhappy even as we pretend we’re not.

But you don’t know what’s going on with them. As it turns out, most people are suffering from the same crippling self-doubt that the rest of feel: they’re just good at hiding it, like we are. Never compare yourself to anyone else- set your own goals and your own standards and judge yourself on your own terms.

Trust me. You’ll be happier for it!

These are just some of the quick confidence boosters you can do to up your game and be the most confident guy in the room! If you have any quick confidence boosters you’d like to share, or if you found this article helpful, comment and share it!