The Singles Bucket List: 5 Must-Dos Before You I Do

The Singles Bucket List: 5 Must-Dos Before You I Do

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Getting married is all the rage now (not like it ever wasn’t, really, but that’s besides the point), but people seem like they’re rushing into it way too fast. There are some things that you can only do when you’re single- nay, must do while you’re single- and you’re missing out if you don’t do them before you get married.

So I say this, single readers! Fear not for whom the marriage chimes toll- they will toll for you, eventually, but in the meantime do these awesome things that married people can only dream of doing!

If you’re already married, well… there’s no hope for you, really. But feel free to read the rest of the article and be totally jealous. Or wistful, if you did do these things. Whatever, no judgment.

1) Live Completely Alone And Do Both Responsible And Embarrassing Things

Some people might say that living alone is scary and lonely. Others might say that you should live with your parents before you get married to save money.

They’re both wrong. Living by yourself and feeling self-sufficient is one of the most amazingly satisfying things in the world. Laundry? Check. Dinner? Check. Sink empty? Check.

Eating cookies for breakfast because there’s literally no one else to stop you? Priceless. You haven’t lived unless you’ve flagrantly violated every friggin’ rule your parents ever gave you while alone, naked, on your own couch. Seriously, give it a try. I’ll wait.

2) Travel Whenever You Want With Whoever You Want

This is a big one that many people tend to put off. They’re always waiting to visit that magical place with their dream person, someone they can sigh happily with while they look at a sunset, wondering how they could feel so lucky.

F. That. (Well, okay, not really. But you can do that after).

Instead, why not go by yourself and find a local that speaks no language but the language of I-can’t-stop-touching-your-abs-ese? (That’s a real language. Trust me). Or go with your friends and get sloppy drunk until the two of you speak that language, and more, and have a night you’ll never, ever forget. Magic isn’t just for your special someone- it can also be for your bond between friends, and being well-traveled before you marry will make you a better, more well-rounded partner.

3) Be Spontaneous

Want to up and move to Seattle? Go for it. Feel like taking a year off and living with some people in Patagonia? Can do. Feel like learning immersive German in Freiburg? Hop on that plane, bud.

The point is: spontaneity is way harder to do when you’re with someone. Having a spouse is great and fulfulling, but also makes it hard to unilaterally make decisions about your life. Get all those decisions out of the way before you get married- they’ll help shape you and who you are, and you’ll become a rich and three-dimensional person that your spouse can actually appreciate.

4) Be (Slightly) Irresponsible

When you’re part of a team, you’re expected to carry the weight of your half of the team (which is totally fair and logical). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending) responsibility can be a little less fun than irresponsibility, and it would be unfair to inflict that irresponsibility on your spouse just for the sake of a little fun.

So get it out of your system now! Go a little nuts- within reason. Find yourself and test your boundaries now, getting all of that out of the way before you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll be content and satisfied knowing that you’ve experienced the crazy that life has to offer- and that you’re ready for a new kind of shared crazy.

5) Figure Out What You Want Out Of Marriage

This one’s a biggie- and hopefully it’s in the back of your mind. If not, get it in there- it should be on deck. While you’re having fun being single and mostly taking advantage of all the fun stuff above, you should also be using your single time to scope out other marriages and people. What do you want in your soulmate? What don’t you want? Figuring that out will save you a great deal of time and heartbreak down the road.