7 Mind Hacks To Being Happier (That Happy People Have Mastered)

7 Mind Hacks To Being Happier (That Happy People Have Mastered)

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Ever met one of those people that just seems to be infuriatingly happy? No matter what happens at work, or at home, or wherever, they never seem to be fazed by it, drifting along on their smug little cloud nine even when it seems like they have nothing to be happy about.

How do they do it? Are they just naturally unfazed by what happens to them?

Fear not- their happiness isn’t genetic, much as it may seem that they were purpose-built to withstand everything life throws at them. It was learned, even if they don’t know it. And you can learn it too with these 7 quick mind hacks to make you happier!

1) Enjoy The Small Stuff

One of the biggest barriers to your happiness is that right now you’re only focusing on things that you perceive as happiness builders. As it turns out, as far as mind hacks go, almost anything can be a happiness builder: helping someone on the street, or stopping to appreciate the sunlight through the trees, or that the barista today drew a little smiley face on your cup. Stop and appreciate them- you’ll feel better for it!

2) Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

The corollary to #1 is that you shouldn’t waste time worrying about the little things. Stepped in a puddle? Missed the train? Your pants will dry, and another train will come- it’s not a big deal. Mind hacks mean stop sweating the small stuff and you’ll find that you won’t enter into a cycle of negativity- which is a huge part of not being happy!

3) Take Your Time

Rushing and stress are kissing cousins. Rushing only guarantees you’ll be nervous and frantic throughout the day- and you certainly won’t be able to stop and appreciate the small things. Take the time to relax and really appreciate your life-it’ll reduce your stress and make you happier.

4) Say Yes

Opportunities are the key to happiness- if you’re not growing, you’ll eventually stagnate. One of the best mind hacks for happiness is to always make sure to say yes to new opportunities and new ways to grow- all you have to do is substitute yes for no and you’ll find that the world is a far different (and far happier) place than you previously perceived it to be!

5) Be Realistic

Many people assume that being happy is about living in the clouds all the time, or never being practical ever. That’s not the case- in fact, one of the simplest mind hacks to being happy is setting realistic standards and managing your expectations. One of the big stressors in our lives is failing to meet our expectations or not getting what we want- life doesn’t always swing your way, and if you always expect it to you’ll be disappointed and unhappy.

6) Take Nothing For Granted

Stop and appreciate what you truly have in your life now and then. You might think it’s not a whole lot- but oftentimes you have more to be grateful for than you think you do. In the world we live in, rushing seems to be lauded as a virtue- and it doesn’t give us time to really sit and appreciate what we have. Stop and appreciate the things you have instead of always coveting things you don’t- you’ll be much happier for it!

7) Don’t Be Materialistic

It’s easy to get caught up trying to always buy the newest and the best. Let’s be honest- who doesn’t want a newer car, or a newer computer, or a huge mansion with a butler? But these are ephemeral fantasies that are seductive only because that’s what society tells us is success. Money won’t ever buy happiness- it will only temporarily sate greed. True happiness comes from appreciation of what you have, not coveting what you don’t!

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